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Jon Favreau Confirms It’s Going to Be a Little While Before He Lets You See the Baby

Photo: Disney+

It won’t be easy to be separated from your infant space son for almost a year, but at least you know Jon Favreau will, at some point in the future, let you see the baby once more. On Friday, the show’s creator took to Twitter to confirm the fall 2020 return of The Mandalorian, which, even more importantly, means the return of the Disney+ series’ breakout star, Baby Yoda. (Unless, of course, Favreau has Baby Yoda die off-camera in-between seasons, but that would be the one thing that could fully turn the world against Disney, so it’s probably not going to happen.)

Interestingly, Favreau tweeted a photo of a gruesome green Gamorrean alongside the announcement, an alien species that first appeared in the Star Wars universe as guards employed by crime boss Jabba the Hutt in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. The director adds no further explanation, so we’re going to go out on a limb and ask for … a Baby the Hutt? Jabba Jr.? A Jabbito?

It’ll Be a While Before Jon Favreau Lets You See the Baby