We Do Not Recommend Looking at This Photo of Silver Kanye West

Okay, so it’s this … but silver. Photo: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

What is there to say about Silver Kanye West that hasn’t already been tweeted? Silver Kanye (or Tinye, affectionately named after his father, the Tin Man) is an enigma. Silver Kanye subsists on only Champagne. He moves from place to place via a small yacht or medium-size boat. Silver Kanye didn’t think he needed to shave to put this makeup on. Silver Kanye likely had to send someone to buy cold cream at the end of the night. Silver Kanye thinks a soup can has style, and one day, he hopes to be sold at Tiffany & Co. Silver Kanye is a sleep-paralysis demon escaped from Kim Kardashian West’s own nightmares, except there he’s not called Silver Kanye; he’s called Cartier White Gold Kanye. Silver Kanye has a legion of Silver acolytes, who joined him for an all-silver opera called Mary, a follow-up to regular Kanye West’s Nebuchadnezzar, which starred Sheck Wes (also regular, to be clear). One day, Silver Kanye will make an appearance on Kanye West’s True Hollywood Story and ask to have his face blurred. Until then, he lives in these memes.


We Do Not Recommend Looking at This Photo of Silver Kanye