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Kevin Hart’s Controversial Year Revisited in Don’t F**k This Up Trailer

Last month, comedian Kevin Hart announced that he had a new six-part documentary series in the works at Netflix called Don’t F**k This Up, and today the streaming network released the trailer. As the short clip reveals, Don’t F**k This Up is a candid look into what was a very controversial 2019 for Hart, who stepped down from his Oscars hosting gig last December after his old homophobic tweets resurfaced online. When asked in the trailer if he has any regrets, Hart says, “Okay, let’s just stop it right here. Because before people judge and go, ‘Kevin Hart’s a dickhead, he’s an asshole,’ I want you to understand that there’s a lot that you don’t know.” Between the Oscars event, the fallout from Hart’s cheating scandal, and his life on the road as a megasuccessful stand-up comedian, the docuseries seems to come down to this admission from Hart in the trailer: “When you’re truly fucked up, some anger that you’re holding onto … you’re gonna let it out. These are the moments where you realize that you’re nowhere near where you need to be.” The series makes its Netflix debut on Friday, December 27.

Don’t F**k This Up Trailer: Kevin Hart Recaps His Messy Year