Kevin Spacey Settles Sexual-Assault Case After Accuser’s Death

Kevin Spacey Photo: Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff/Boston Globe via Getty Images

A sexual-assault lawsuit against Kevin Spacey has come to a settlement between the disgraced actor and the accuser’s son after the accuser died earlier this year. Both parties filed court documents to dismiss the case, with prejudice, meaning it cannot be refiled, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Details of the settlement have not been made public. The accuser, a massage therapist who wished to remain anonymous, claimed that he was forced to grab Spacey’s genitals twice during a massage at a private residence in Malibu. Despite Spacey’s objections to the anonymity, a judge permitted the case. In September, however, the alleged victim died, and his son had to petition a probate court to become a special administrator. This case was the most legally significant for Spacey, who faces multiple accusations of improper conduct by multiple individuals. In July, a criminal case in Boston was dropped after the alleged sexual-assault victim, a then-teenage boy, stopped cooperating. (Spacey pleaded not guilty.) Another accuser, Norwegian writer Ari Behn, who claimed Spacey groped him at a Nobel Peace Prize concert, died by suicide on December 25. Just the day before, Spacey released his second-annual monologue as Frank Underwood from House of Cards, this time with the message “kill them with kindness.”

Kevin Spacey Settles Sexual-Assault Case After Accuser Dies