Other Utensils Are Shaking at Knives Out’s Box-Office Success

Photo: Claire Folger/Lionsgate

Mix some class warfare with tasteful peacoats, Southern accents, and a dash of bloody Clue nostalgia, and you’ll be presented with Rian Johnson’s newest cinematic child, Knives Out. Even higher praise for the ensemble whodunnit: The film had a remarkable $70 million worldwide debut at the box office for its opening weekend, per figures from Forbes, with $27 million of that total coming domestically. It wasn’t enough to knock Frozen 2 and its animated shenanigans from the top Thanksgiving weekend spot (it’s now brought in $738.6 million globally, because the market demanded it), but the staying power of a chain-smoking Jamie Lee Curtis and a shit-talking Chris Evans should always be celebrated at any given moment. (As well as the many delights of Daniel Craig, Michael Shannon, Toni Collette, Don Johnson, and Captain von Thirst Trapp himself, Christopher Plummer.) Our knives, they are out!

Other Utensils Are Shaking at Knives Out’s Box-Office Win