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HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm Teaser: Larry David’s Been Waiting On This Toast for Over Two Years

Only Larry David could accidentally set his toaster to Two And A Half Years and still expect to scrape off the burned part to make it edible. He’s never going to stop complaining about that toast, but HBO is clearly excited for you to stop complaining about when Curb Your Enthusiasm is coming back, which is why they’re finally dropping the show’s upcoming tenth season in the new year.

“We can’t wait either,” the network declares in the teaser, in between scenes of Larry being psychologically dominated by a toaster. The show’s ninth season concluded in December 2017, making the gap before the series’s tenth season not even half the six-year hiatus between 2011’s Season 8 and Season 9. But you ate that Season 9 toast too, didn’t you? And enjoyed it? Then get ready to enjoy a whole new loaf, headed your way in January 2020.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Teaser: Larry David, Waiting on Toast