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Laura Dern Says She Saw Baby Yoda at a Basketball Game

Photo: Disney+

In a day of wonders, one wonder more. Having just celebrated her incredible professional oeuvre earlier today, Laura Dern gave us a new, wonderful moment on Monday night’s Gotham Awards red carpet. When asked by Variety what she thought of The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda, Dean replied, “I don’t know, but I think he was at a basketball game.” The best part of this response? The “I think,” as if it might be possible Laura Dern saw someone who looked like Baby Yoda at a basketball game, but wasn’t one hundred percent positive it was him or her.

Now, presumably, Laura Dern misheard the question, and was responding to a query about someone famous with a name close enough to Baby Yoda (DaBaby? Lil Baby?) to confuse to the two on a noisy red carpet. Or did she? “I think I saw him at a basketball game,” she reiterates to the beautifully flabbergasted Variety reporter, Marc Malkin. “It was NBA.” However, even more mysteriously, Dern adds, “That’s all I’m going to say.” Because really, what else is there? Always leave ‘em wanting more.

Though…she’d tell us if she saw Baby Yoda doing windmill trampoline dunks, right?

Update, December 4: After letting us really sit and ponder this one, Laura Dern posted a brief explanation on Instagram. And, honestly, thank goodness. We would’ve been thinking up names that sound kind of like “Baby Yoda” on our deathbeds. “Paul George!” she wrote under a photo of the Los Angeles Clippers player. “You know the truth about it all. Thank God.” The actress does not confirm nor deny knowing Baby Yoda. What a wonderful way to start off awards season, when red-carpet mishaps happen faster than you can call Alison Brie a bitch.

Laura Dern Says She Saw Baby Yoda at a Basketball Game