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Lily Tomlin Closes Out Her 2019 in Handcuffs, Protesting Climate Change With Jane Fonda

Photo: Presley Ann/Getty Images for the Los Angeles LGBT Center

It’s probably not a great sign many of us welcomed Santa Claus in flip flops and cut-off jorts this year — and that might be one of the many reasons Lily Tomlin became the latest celebrity led away in zip-ties to combat the growing threat of climate change. The Grace and Frankie actress appeared with co-star Jane Fonda at this week’s round of the recurring Fire Drill Friday protest on Capitol Hill. She joined fellow concerned celebrities like Sally Field, Sam Waterston, and Ted Danson in the getting-arrested club.

While Fonda herself wasn’t arrested this week, she has been on five other occasions during the 12 weeks and counting she’s been co-hosting the climate protest. The focus of this week’s Fire Drill Friday? The ongoing devastation of the world’s forests. “I look around and I know in my heart that I’m not the only tree-hugger here,” Tomlin told the crowd. “Sadly, hugging trees is not enough today.” Said the actress, according to Deadline, “These corporations are making oodles of money on the front end, oodles of money on the back end. It is beyond reprehensible.”

Lily Tomlin Closes Out 2019 in Handcuffs at Climate Protest