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Lizzo Has High, High Nopes Meeting Mayor Pete on CBS This Morning

I’ll take “people my aunt stans” for $200, Alex! Photo: CBS This Morning/Twitter

What’s a mayor to a god? We found out on Thursday’s episode of CBS This Morning, which brought together Democratic nominee hopeful Mayor Pete Buttigieg with Time’s Entertainer of the Year, Lizzo. In a gift to centrists everywhere, these two 2019 icons shared some screen time together before their separate interviews. In a clip posted to the show’s social media, Gayle King asked each of them which three words they would use to describe themselves. Pete was said he’s “standing near Lizzo right now.” Lizzo said she’s “glamorous, talented, and booty-ful,” and truly who among us can deny it? Then, Pete said he’s 100 percent that “nominee to lead the way forward.”

Gayle and the gang were lobbing Pete softballs compared to a week of tough press, between Rachel Maddow grilling him on his McKinsey clients and intrepid child reporters exposing his attitudes about courting billionaires. Still, in a photo posted to Pete’s Instagram, Lizzo looks the way a lot of people feel about Pete: ice cold, dead-eyed, and over it. Less “Good As Hell,” more “Fine, Whatever As Heck.” Also: What’s with that framed eight-and-a-half-by-eleven library computer printout of the Toyota logo in the background?

Lizzo Has High, High Nopes Meeting Mayor Pete on CBS