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Our Obsession With Murderers Finally Comes for Olivia Colman, Set to Star in HBO’s Landscapers

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From Ted Bundy to Jeffrey Dahmer to Charles Manson to every serial killer on Mindhunter, we’ve drawn from the male murderer well so often, it was only a matter of time before we let more A-list actresses benefit from our societal obsession with scripting true-crime stories. According to Variety, Olivia Colman will portray Susan Edwards, one half of a British married couple who killed Susan’s parents, Patricia and William Wycherley, in 1998, and then successfully hid their bodies for over a decade in their garden. It will air as the four-part limited series Landscapers from HBO and Sky.

The Edwards reportedly wrote holiday cards and signed documents following their crime to create the illusion that the Wycherleys were still alive and so that they might financially benefit. (They wanted to acquire, of all things, Hollywood memorabilia.) The Descendants director and screenwriter Alexander Payne is set to helm the show, which is being written by Ed Sinclair.

Our Murder Obsession Comes for Olivia Colman in Landscapers