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Watch Ryan Reynolds Tell Jimmy Fallon Why He Wanted to Work With the Peloton Wife

Ryan Reynolds stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss, among other things, his recent work with Monica Ruiz (a.k.a. the Peloton Wife). Reynolds told Fallon that his desire to work with her was born from empathy of having acted in things that weren’t received exactly as planned: “I really wish someone from a gin company had called me right after Green Lantern.” Finding Ruiz was tough because, “Nobody knew how to get ahold of her. Obviously, the people at Peloton didn’t want us to get ahold of her.” Reynolds also said that the ad, from idea to dropping online, took 36 hours. It took years to get away from Green Lantern, so congrats to Monica!

Ryan Reynolds on Why He Wanted to Work With Peloton Wife