Lizzo Is Just As Excited for Eddie Murphy’s SNL Episode As You Are

Apparently, Eddie Murphy isn’t too cool for a banter-filled SNL promo after all. The show released a new round of promos yesterday, this time featuring the host and former cast member alongside musical guest Lizzo and cast member Kenan Thompson, who addresses this moment with one simple statement of gratitude: “Thank you, Santa Claus!” But the real star of this promo is the extremely giddy Lizzo, who is so damn excited to share an episode of SNL with Mr. Sexual Chocolate himself and can rest easy knowing that she made Eddie Murphy crack up simply by quoting The Nutty Professor in front of him. Watch the rest when these two very funny people hit the 8H stage tomorrow night for the final SNL of 2019.

Lizzo Is As Excited for Eddie Murphy’s SNL As You Are