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Netflix’s Spinning Out Trailer Goes Big With Drugs, Sex, Ice-skating, and Johnny Weir

Kaya Scodelario may have been an apex predator in the water for this summer’s gator thriller Crawl, but on the ice, she’s an almost-washed former elite skater trying to train her way back to glory. In Spinning Out, Scodelario plays Kat Baker (oh, what could have been, Emma Roberts …), a solo figure skater who is traumatized after an apparently severe head injury sustained on the ice, and who — like other fictional skaters before her — becomes a pairs skater in order to compete again with a chill guy partner who thinks she’s too uptight. Her hard-driving mom, meanwhile, thinks she’s a lazy waste of talent. In this trailer there’s a large head scar, implied pill popping, drinking to excess, a love triangle, a very startling act of self-harm, Johnny Weir, and emotional abuse by a terrifying, severe January Jones, who plays the Skate Mom. This is Lifetime-level drama, but it’s actually Netflix, and it starts streaming January 1. We can’t wait.

Spinning Out Trailer: Sex, Johnny Weir, and Ice-skating