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Oscar Isaac and His Gray Hair Are Literally Daddy in Star Wars ‘Family Feud’

More like Poe Damn-ron, am I right? Oscar Isaac and his luscious salt-and-pepper hair are stunting on the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker press tour, finally relishing in the father-figure role we’ve been trying to cast him in since Force Awakens. In a game of “Family Feud” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Isaac became the head of household for John Boyega, the surprisingly competitive Keri Russell, Kelly Marie Tran, and Chewbacca, making him literally daddy. Don’t blame us. Blame Kimmel! They went up against J.J. Abrams, Daisy Ridley, Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, and Naomi Ackie, who ultimately took it home. It’s not for lack of passion, though. Russell got so worked up about the game she forgot it was a Star Wars–themed family game show on Jimmy Kimmel (emphasis on the) Live and started throwing out F-bombs. “Keri, you may not use the F-word,” Kimmel scolds her. “We are on television, Keri. This is the Family Feud.” It’s not her fault! It’s just how Papa Oscar raised her.

Oscar Isaac Is Literally Daddy in This Game of ‘Family Feud’