Stephen King’s Firestarter Will Be The Next Reboot From Blumhouse

Photo: De Laurentiis/Paramount/Kobal/Shutterstock

After years of slinging original content pretty much exclusively, Blumhouse has really ramped up its IP game. Following Halloween and Black Christmas (and with The Craft currently in the works) the studio will now set to work on a new adaptation of Stephen King’s Firestarter. Variety reports that Keith Thomas will direct the movie, and that the studio was keen to enlist him for a project after seeing his movie The Vigil premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Blumhouse also made a deal for that movie’s domestic distribution rights, so they’re clearly up on Thomas. The first well-known film treatment of King’s novel came out in 1984 and starred Drew Barrymore as a child with pyro kinetic abilities she couldn’t always control. Barrymore will even executive produce the Blumhouse update.

Stephen King’s Firestarter Will Be Next Blumhouse Reboot