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It’s Army Vets vs. Hordes of Tweaking Maniacs In The VFW Trailer

Get your Skilsaw and your axe, because it’s time to fight some drug lords at the local watering hole. Director Joe Begos had two films traveling the festival circuit this year, with Bliss dropping in the fall and his rip-roaring action horror film VFW lined up for release next year. Today, we got our first trailer for the latter film, which stars Stephen Lang as Fred, the proprietor of a bar for Veterans of Foreign Wars. There, he hangs out with his buddies — played by William Sadler, Fred Williamson, Martin Kove, and David Patrick Kelly — and when VFW opens we learn a few things. First, it’s a near-future in which a synthetic drug has ravaged all of America, turning huge swaths of the population into junkies. Second, it’s Fred’s birthday, and third, a young woman has just robbed the neighborhood dealer of his entire stash, and she’s bringing the fight to Fred’s bar. The rest of the story, as you can tell from the trailer, is a lot of crazy ass relentless violence. VFW is a 90-minute rage party, so make sure you go see it on the biggest screen you can find.

VFW Trailer: It’s Army Vets vs. Hordes of Tweaking Maniacs