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Taylor Swift Almost Kept the Christmas Lights Up Till April on ‘Lover’

Leave them up till Halloween, if you’re real. Photo: BAUZEN/Getty Images

Taylor Swift famously grew up on a Christmas tree farm so she knows a thing or two about holiday decorations. Or so we thought before she hopped on “Lover,” the title track for her seventh album, and bragged about leaving her Christmas lights up until January. Because … doesn’t everybody? Daughter Christmas herself explained the lyric to the New York Times’ “Diary of a Song” and revealed that while writing “Lover” in one whirlwind day, she almost left the lights up for much longer.

“I had toyed with the idea of ‘We could leave the Christmas lights up ‘til April,’” Swift said over FaceTime. Okay, now, that’s a long time to have Christmas lights up. A month before Memorial Day? Something tells us Emily Post wouldn’t approve. But ultimately, Swift kept the lyric as “January,” not because it was weird, but because it wasn’t weird. “It’s not about that being a crazy thing,” she continued. “It’s about how mundane it is. It’s about like We could put a rug over there. We could do wallpaper or paint. When young adults go from living in their family to then combining their lives with someone else, that’s actually, like, the most profound thing.All Taylor Swift wants to do is flip through a West Elm catalogue with her man, Joe Alwyn! Would say that’s relatable, but who among us besides international pop stars can actually afford West Elm?

Taylor Swift Almost Kept the Christmas Lights Up Till April