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The Literal Peaks of Peak TV

Photo-Illustration: Illustration by Ari Liloan; Photo by Showtime

The phrase “Peak TV” has defined this decade in television. Typically, that phrase implies the boom in programming, and the long-foretold moment when we would reach a peak in the number of shows produced each year.

At the end of this decade, though, it’s also important to look back on another kind of TV peak: the literal ones. From mountains to cliffs to steep hills, peaks were all over TV in the past 10 years. They offered metaphors for self-growth, terrifying heights to push someone from, and remote locations for romantic and/or criminal actions.

Join us now on a tour of the peaks of television in the 2010s.

Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks: The Return

The mountain Nathan makes people climb to get a gas rebate, Nathan for You

Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central

The hiking trail for Tom’s “agricultural walk” at Argestes, Succession

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

The To’hajiilee hills, Breaking Bad

Photo: Courtesy of AMC

The Arctic Circle mountains, Fortitude 

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

The mountain Lorelai uncharacteristically decides to hike, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

The mountain range Rick can see from his private pooping spot, Rick and Morty 

Photo: Courtesy of Adult Swim

The hill Nora climbs to rescue a goat, The Leftovers

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

The Catskills, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Photo: Amazon Studios

The cliffside mountaintop where Will finally confronts Hannibal, Hannibal 

Photo: Courtesy of NBC

Fraser’s Ridge, Outlander 

Photo: Courtesy of Starz

The mountain Tina climbs to get rid of her nickname, Bob’s Burgers 

Photo: Courtesy of FOX

The Southern Alps of New Zealand, Top of the Lake

Photo: Courtesy of SundanceTV

The mountain Joe climbs to find himself, Halt and Catch Fire 

Photo: Courtesy of AMC

The Appalachians, Justified 

Photo: Courtesy of FX

The French Alps in Haute-Savoie, Les Revenants 

Photo: Courtesy of SundanceTV

The mountain where Patrick proposes to David, Schitt’s Creek 

Mountain Man, Adventure Time 

Photo: Courtesy of Cartoon Network

The mountains surrounding Lodge Lodge, Riverdale 

Photo: Courtesy of The CW

The beachside cliffs of Big Sur, Mad Men 

Photo: Courtesy of AMC

Gene Cousineau’s cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains, Barry

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

The Matterhorn, The Night Manager 

Photo: Courtesy of BBC

The Mountain, Game of Thrones

Photo: Courtesy of HBO
The Literal Peaks of Peak TV