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Roger Daltrey Would Prefer If You Skipped a Few Songs From the Who’s New Album

Photo: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

You thought Pete Townshend would be the only (living) Who member to stir the gossip pot during the band’s new album rollout? In this music economy? Stand back, Roger Daltrey has something to say! And he can explain, he thinks it’s hate, he’s trying to say it to you when he feels angry. In a new interview with Billboard, the frontman admitted that he loathed the decision to include bonus tracks on WHO — which features the modern demos “This Gun Will Misfire” and “Danny & His Ponies,” as well as mid-1960s demos “Got Nothing to Prove” and “Sand.” (The very groovy “Got Nothing to Prove,” as a fun fact, was rejected by the band’s manager at the time for its lack of emotional resonance.)

“This bonus track shit, I don’t get it,” Daltrey explained. “To me it just makes a perfect album imperfect. Putting demos on a finished record is an absolute joke. It’s not the Who. They’re just abusing our name putting on what are not Who songs on a Who fucking record, and I don’t get it. I get quite angry about it to be honest.” You heard the man. Please formally conclude your WHO journey at “Rock My World,” and, if you’re still feeling randy for the gee-tars, we’ll direct you to this iconic 1968 performance instead.

Roger Daltrey Wants You to Skip Songs From Who’s New Album