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The Trailer for Miracle Workers: Dark Ages Takes You Way, Way Back

“Do you ever feel like we’re living during a particularly bad period in history?” The second season of former Saturday Night Live writer Simon Rich’s Miracle Workers moves his entire cast from a dysfunctional corporate version of Heaven to the (presumably earthly) Middle Ages, officially turning his comedy into an anthology series.

Of course, stars Steve Buscemi, Daniel Radcliffe, Geraldine Viswanathan, and Karan Soni are still grappling with the meaning of existence, only now they’re also dealing with a callous tyrant, hyperviolent entertainment, rampant misinformation (we know a little more than the Devil is real and the Earth is flat), bard-sourced music, and way more ducks. Just ducks, everywhere, walking around inside, making a mess. The ten-episode season of Miracle Workers: Dark Ages premieres on January 28.

Trailer for Miracle Workers: Dark Ages Goes Way, Way Back