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Consonants and Vowels Reveal That Vanna White Hosted Wheel of Fortune for the First Time

Vanna White Photo: Carol Kaelson

No amount of prize puzzles could’ve prepared us for the delights of Vanna White stepping up to host Wheel of Fortune last night — in her signature ball-gown lewk, of course — which, if you don’t already know, was a switch born out of necessity: Host Pat Sajak underwent emergency surgery to correct a blocked intestine in early November. While original reports indicated that White would only be filling in for one show, the hostess confirmed that she’s actually going to be at her temporary post for three weeks, and the Monday night debut was a tag-team affair with her at the wheel and Minnie Mouse at the puzzle board. “I’m happy to step in and help out,” she said. “That wheel is heavy!”

White’s hosting debut — which came after being a Wheel of Fortune icon for 37 years — also ended with a formidable win for the contestant.

As for Sajak, he’s been “resting comfortably” since his surgery, and is set to return as host when White’s three-week stint ends in early 2020.

Watch Vanna White Host Wheel of Fortune for the First Time