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Lizzo’s ‘Good As Hell’ Video Is a Tribute to Band Kids Everywhere

Band geeks get a bad rap! “And one time at band camp …” has clouded their image for far too long. Lizzo dedicates the music video to her song “Good As Hell” to band kids, drum lines, and drill teams everywhere. She knows the struggle of waking up at six in the morning just to be told you’re not good enough yet. The music video features the Southern University Human Jukebox band and was shot entirely on the SU campus. When it dropped in 2016, “Good As Hell” originally got a music video set at a hair salon, but with its newfound popularity (it recently climbed up the Hot 100 to No. 3), Lizzo’s giving it a little bit of revamp. Just a little zhuzh. Plus, the video is a perfect excuse to show off Sasha Flute, her instrument of choice.

Lizzo recently faced backlash for showing off a little too much at a Lakers vs. Timberwolves game on Sunday night. The singer wore a booty-revealing dress to the basketball game, which some feel was inappropriate even though it’s completely on theme (bouncing). With the “Good As Hell” video out, Grammy nominations stacked up, and the charts in the palm of her hand, nothing is stopping her now, not even the self-appointed booty police.

Lizzo’s ‘Good As Hell’ Video Is a Tribute to Band Geeks