Watch Mariah Carey’s New and Improved Video for ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’

Mariah Carey debuted a new video for her Christmas classic (and 19th number-one hit) “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Or should we say, “All I Want for Christmas Is You (Make My Wish Come True Edition)?” Why a new video? To celebrate the number one, in part, but also because Mariah needs to be festive. More production values! Lighting! Everything that the holiday season brings. In a Q&A on YouTube before the video’s premiere, Carey said “There’s a lot of things to be discovered in this clip,” including a cameo from her dog, Cha Cha. “We wanted to make a modern classic,” she said. “That’s kind of been the theme of this song.” During the Q&A she hinted at a new album with some new collaborators that you wouldn’t expect from the elusive chanteuse Mimi. “Two different guys, actually,” she said. “The more the merrier, I always say. It’s Christmas!”

Watch Mariah’s New ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ Video