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Masked Singer Season 3 First Look: A Banana, Mouse, and Robot Walk Into a Bar …

The mad geniuses at The Masked Singer have done it again! With season two of the reality competition show finished, Fox is moving on to bigger and better celebrities. In the very first promo for the new season, host Nick Cannon hand-delivers a few of the new costumes. Mouse goes to a Paris Hilton–type who fans definitely think is Paris Hilton. Robot to an apparently tech-savvy cowboy. A secret costume gets delivered to a football field. Banana to an anonymous celebrity, potentially backstage at the theater. And a pink, fluffy monster goes to a star so big Nick Cannon loses it. (Is it Mariah Carey?) Even though season two’s final three masks were just revealed, we’ve all got to start guessing again when season three premieres after the Super Bowl on February 2, 2020. Yep, that’s right. At half-time, acclaimed artists Jennifer Lopez and Shakira perform and, right after the game, an anthropomorphized banana will you show you what it’s got.

Masked Singer Season 3 Preview: Meet Banana, Mouse, and More