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Paul Rudd, Jimmy Fallon, and James Corden Are the Coolest Kids in NATO on SNL

Saturday Night Live tackled the NATO summit in tonight’s cold open, and things got gossipy. There was Jimmy Fallon as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, James Corden as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and, thank the casting gods, Paul Rudd as French President Emmanuel Macron. The three raddest dudes at NATO bullied Alec Baldwin’s Trump and, in classic Greaser fashion, fixed their hairdos with pocket combs. “We would love to see you talk and chew at the same time, but we promised this seat to a friend,” Rudd’s Macron tells Trump when the latter asked to sit at the cool-kids table. The cold open wrapped up with a PSA from First Lady Melania Trump, who pointed out the dangers of bullying. Watch the cold open above, and remember to be best.

Paul Rudd Is the Coolest Kid at NATO in SNL Cold Open