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Watchmen Unmasks Lube Man, in Its Own Slippery Way

Lube Man, Lube Man, can do anything … lube can do? Photo: HBO

In its season finale, HBO’s Watchmen spent a lot of time answering many of our questions about the show’s universe and characters, before sliding away from us like a masked, well-lubed man into a gutter without answering our many questions about the identity of the actual Lube Man. Thankfully, we can consult the show’s secondary resource, Peteypedia, which contains a bunch of back matter on the show’s characters, all styled as if written by Agent Dale Petey (Dustin Ingram), the dweeby FBI guy who works with Jean Smart’s Laurie Blake. In Peteypedia’s final entry, posted Sunday night, we learn that Petey himself has been fired from the FBI for his unprofessional behavior, and that his workspace was apparently cluttered with “multiple copies of Rorschach’s Journal, hundreds of ‘comic’ books (why our society is still so obsessed with pirates is beyond me) and a jug of what appears to be some kind of canola oil.” That’s right, as many have speculated, it seems that Petey himself is Lube Man!

Well, have you? Photo: HBO

This notion is reinforced by the fact that, if you click on the words “canola oil” in the Peteypedia post, you get a “wanted” poster for Lube Man that is playfully labeled “american-zero-story.jpg,” a jab at his TV-recapper-level obsession with American Hero Story. The reveal tracks, too, in that it would make sense for Petey to be trying to watch Angela in the one scene in which we saw Lube Man on the show, though Laurie probably wouldn’t have suggested that he put on that ridiculous getup. Anyway, according to the rest of the Peteypedia post, Dale Petey himself has gone missing, which means that Lube Man is still on the loose. Please let him return in a web series, a movie, or his own full-fledged second season of Watchmen: Season Lube.

Watchmen Unmasks Lube Man, in Its Own Slippery Way