Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain Insist There’s No Beef on The View

Reunited. Photo: Left: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCUniversal/Getty Images/Right: Marco Piraccini/Archivio Marco Piraccini/Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

Everything is good in The View’s neighborhood. After a spat between hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain yesterday, the two women cleared the air on today’s show, insisting that the air was never polluted to begin with. On Monday’s episode, Goldberg asked McCain to “please stop talking,” when she was speaking over other hosts, promptly sending Twitter into a stanning frenzy. McCain initially commented on the situation in a tweet, writing, “Good morning – to all the fellow conservative ‘girls’ who won’t be quiet,” followed by a Daenerys Targaryen GIF. But both hosts took time out of Tuesday’s show to officially address the conflict. “This is real time,” Goldberg explained the situation. “Stuff happens on our show in real time and everybody, wherever you sit with this, don’t assume that we’re over here with butcher knives under the table.” No butcher knives means there’s no beef! This time, Meghan McCain politely chimed in with “Can I say something?” Lessons have been learned. “I’ve loved you for a long time,” she added. “You were good friends with my dad. We fight like we’re family. It’s all good.” Now The View is one big happy family and they can go back to hating other daytime talk shows. When Abby Huntsman pointed out that’s there’s no other show on TV that does what they do, Joy Behar threw shade at The Real and The Talk. “I think there are two copies of us,” she joked. And with that laugh, we return to our regularly scheduled heated debates.

Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain Say They Don’t Have Beef