Psst! The A Quiet Place II Trailer Is Here

Grab your crinkly bag of crunchy Takis and set your ringtone to loud, because you know what they say: “another decade, another sequel to 2018’s surprise horror hit A Quiet Place, directed by John Krasinski.” As promised by the trailer-for-the-trailer which dropped back in December 2019, Paramount has released the official trailer for A Quiet Place Part II which, as my esteemed colleagues Zoe Haylock and Tolly Wright noted, really should have been called A Quieter Place.Directed and written once more by John Krasinski, the film stars Emily Blunt as Evelyn, mother of Noah Jupe, Millicent Simmonds, and the baby from the first film’s harrowing home birth, guiding her family through a ruinous landscape menaced by noise-hunting aliens. Why isn’t John Krasinski in the trailer? You’ll have to watch the first film to find out (spoiler alert: he doesn’t make it). The new trailer promises more dialogue than ever before, with mysterious new characters played by Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou. It also features a harrowing Bird Box-style sequence in a car. Oh, and here’s a free poster idea: a close up on lips with two fingers making a shushing gesture. Because it’s Part II! This is a very good idea! Anyway, A Quiet Place Part II comes out March 20, 2020, and will be released in Dolby and IMAX, suggesting that it might not be so quiet after all.

Psst! The A Quiet Place II Trailer Is Here!