ACS: Impeachment Makes Some Pretty Troll-y Choices for Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge

For a dollar … should Bill Clinton be impeached? Photo: Getty Images

Regardless of execution, you can always count on a Ryan Murphy show to assemble a delightfully chosen cast. In the case of the upcoming American Crime Story: Impeachment, starring Beanie Feldstein as Monica Lewinsky and Clive Owen as Bill Clinton, the Murphy-produced production has taken an especially creative direction with some of its conservative historical figures. Billy Eichner, previously incorporated into American Horror Story, will play conservative aggregator Matt Drudge, who first broke the news of the Lewinsky scandal in the Drudge Report. It’s also worth noting that Eichner is gay, and that Drudge was once named on Out’s Power 50 list, though Drudge denied he loved sex with men.

Glow’s Betty Gilpin, meanwhile, will put her blondeness to use as Ann Coulter, who wrote her first book, High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton, about the impeachment process and worked with the lawyers representing Clinton accuser Paula Jones (played on the series by Annaleigh Ashford). Gilpin, notably, starred in the movie The Hunt, which Universal shelved after it came under fire from right-wing commentators and Trump himself. All in all, two very wry casting choices. You’ve gotta respect a troll of the trolls.

ACS: Impeachment Casts Its Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge