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Aidy Bryant Tells Jimmy Fallon All About Her Worst SNL Break Ever

Aidy Bryant is far from the first performer to break character and fall victim to uncontrollable laughter during a live comedy sketch, but her break from the season 45 premiere when Woody Harrelson hosted stands out as especially hilarious. During her visit to last night’s Tonight Show, Bryant recapped the live-TV mishap that led to her losing control during the “Inside the Beltway” sketch that we all saw too — her dresser, Audrey, accidentally being on camera right before Bryant had to deliver a “serious-ass” line. “Cecily was next to me and Kenan was next to me, and they both knew I had this line that I had been struggling with in rehearsal. And then it was like, ‘Okay. Now it’s time to say it again,’” Bryant told Fallon. “Cecily knew she wasn’t on camera and was fully looking at me going HA, HA!” It may have all resulted in what Bryant calls the “worst break of my lifetime,” but it definitely made the sketch exponentially funnier. Watch the full sketch for yourself below — the magic begins at 4:41:

Aidy Bryant Tells Fallon All About Her Worst SNL Break Ever