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Awkwafina to Confuse and Delight NYC Subway Riders for a Week

Queens residents’ commutes just got 100% more Awkwafina. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Comedy Central

Golden Globe–winner Awkwafina has a new series debuting on Comedy Central next week titled Nora From Queens (which has already scored a season-two renewal, by the way), and to promote it, the network has assigned the actor a pretty underground gig in her native New York City borough. Comedy Central has announced that from today through the Nora From Queens series premiere on January 22, Awkwafina’s voice will take over 22 stops of the 7 train in Queens, making announcements of stops as well as joke “special announcements.” Yes, it’s spon-con for the Comedy Central show — but notably, it’s the first time the MTA has struck a promotional deal that features a celebrity announcer. In any case, if your stop is 69th Street, get ready to hear “This is 69th St., which is definitely, definitely not funny in any way,” for the next seven days.

New Yorkers’ reactions to Awkwafina jokes being introduced to their morning commutes, so far, have been mixed:

There is also a video of the announcements being tested, if you’re into that kind of thing:

Or, if you want to hear Awkwafina without having to actually deal with the subway, here are all of the announcements she recorded for the MTA. Highlights include “This is Times Square/42nd Street, where New Yorkers go to relax”; “This is 52nd Street. If this is your stop and you’re asleep, well, that sucks”; and, “Listen, I can’t help you once you get to Long Island. That’s on you.”

Awkwafina to Confuse and Delight Subway Riders for a Week