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Bill Maher Hopes Meghan and Harry Screw the Royals Even Further

A Suits star and her husband have recently decided to step back as “senior” members of the British royal family, in favor of a progressive new life filled with the Canadian wilderness and Disney money. Bill Maher is pretty supportive of the power move! But also, like, not really, because why just relocate far away when you could stealthily dismantle a constitutional monarchy from within instead? “I give Harry and Meghan some credit, but not a lot,” Maher explained on last night’s Real Time. “If they want to be seen as a modern couple way hipper than the other stuffy ones in the family, okay, then go all the way and say it. Say, We’re not just taking a step back from royalty, we’re renouncing the whole outdated, racist, anachronistic lot of it. We’re saying loud and proud, what is this bullshit that some people are royal?” Still, the couple’s decision is wildly unprecedented, especially as Queen Elizabeth gave them a blessing. “Do you want to be remembered for greatness? Then burn your boats completely. Say it’s 2020,” Maher added, “I hereby decree this birthright nonsense from the Middle Ages is stupid.

Bill Maher Hopes Meghan and Harry Screw the Royals Further