World’s Biggest Maron Fan Finally Goes on Hero’s Podcast

Thank you, Marc Maron, for making one fan’s dreams come true. Photo: Marc Maron/Twitter

It’s been almost four years since Marc Maron’s comedy series Maron ended its four-season run on IFC, but the show’s biggest fan is still loudly singing its praises. The latest episode of Maron’s WTF podcast was released today featuring Once Upon a Time in Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, and right at the top of the conversation, Pitt exclaims, “Mr. Marc Maron! This is cool as shit! … Dude, I’m a fan!” before Leonardo DiCaprio cuts in to say, “He really is. I remember him talking about you on the movie. You were going off.”

“I love the show,” Pitt says. “I’ve seen it three times — the entire series. It’s my happy place. To see you miserable makes me not feel so bad. It really does.” Pitt’s summary of the show is also a solid summary of Maron himself: “I just love how you — I think I told you this when I bumped into you — how you’ll suffer some minor injustice in the world from another, have it out with them, you suffer no fools, and then you invite them back to listen to your new turntable or something.”

Pitt and DiCaprio are clearly having a great time with Maron during the laugh-filled hour-long chat, in which they discuss topics like Pitt’s Once Upon a Time line to DiCaprio’s character (“You’re Rick fucking Dalton! Don’t you forget that!”) being based on what a “total freeloader” Pitt used to know told him back in the ’90s. “One day he said that to me — I was bitching and moaning; this is like mid-’90s. He said, ‘Hey man, don’t forget: You’re Brad fucking Pitt.’ And you know what? It soothed me!” Pitt also discusses the time he and Edward Norton smoked a joint before the Fight Club world premiere at the Venice Film Festival that completely bombed with the audience, joke by joke. “The more that happened, the funnier it got to Edward and I, and we just started laughing. So we’re the assholes in the back laughing at our own jokes — the only ones.”

As for DiCaprio, he offers a mysterious answer when Maron asks about films the actors have been in that turned out … not so great. “I went to a premiere — I won’t mention the name of the film — but I just remember my friend looking at me and going, ‘Not my cup of tea. Not my cup of tea.’” “You don’t know what it was about it?” Maron asks him. “Everything,” DiCaprio says. “You know it’s a turd though. You feel it,” Pitt adds. “You just feel it. The first time you see it — all the work, everything that went into it — and you know it’s just a turd. It smells so bad. Nothing’s landing. You just feel it when you’re sitting in the cinema and you’re going, ‘Oh my God. Oh my God. This is bad. This is so bad!’”

Listen to the full episode here.

World’s Biggest Maron Fan Finally Goes on Hero’s Podcast