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How Well Do You Know Cheer From Cheers?

Photo: Netflix and NBC

The youth on social media are all abuzz about this new social-media-fluent documentary series about a bunch of middle-aged men drinking and talking in a subterranean Boston bar in the 1980s.

No, wait. That’s the 275-episode legacy sitcom Cheers, a show that is perilously close to Cheer in both title and Netflix listing, but could not be further from the addictive six-episode docuseries following the Navarro College cheerleading team as it prepares for a national competition. We know the difference, but do you? Take our quiz to find out how well you know your Sam Malone from your Monica Aldama.

Who Said It: Cheer or Cheers?

We give you a quote, you tell us which show it’s from!

“I was saved by cheer.”
“Another beer, Norm?”
“Monica loves her big boys.”
“I absolutely love this sign with our brick streets.”
“I was a baseball player. I was a catcher.”
“I’m in the middle of a sweat contest.”
“Anything that kid did, it was great.”
“I’m a very ‘let’s shoot it straight’ type person.”
“This is going to be the worst draft yet. They got a first-round pick.”
“There’s no professional team waiting for you. You’re done.”
“Hello, I’m Dr. Frasier Crane.”

How Well Do You Know Cheer From Cheers?