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More Watchmen Likely Won’t Happen Without Damon Lindelof, And He’s Not Interested

We hardly knew you, Lube Man. Photo: HBO

The hit HBO series Watchmen provided a lot of answers at the end of its first season, and set up a lot more questions (Lube Man??), too. But it looks like fans might have to answer them all in their own imaginations, because HBO head of programming Casey Bloys told USA Today that the network isn’t really interested in bring the series back for season two without showrunner Damon Lindelof, and Lindelof told USA Today that he’s told the story he wanted to tell and that’s it.

“It’s really in Damon’s thinking about what he wants to do,” Bloys told Today. “If there’s an idea that excited him about another season, another installment, maybe like a Fargo, True Detective (anthology) take on it, or if he wants to do something different altogether. We’re very proud of Watchmen, but what I’m most interested in what Damon wants to do.” It sounds like Lindelof doesn’t really want to, though he did say he’s “given my blessing” to HBO if they want to go with an idea from another writer-producer. Lindelof has not posted to his own social channels about the decision, but Cord Jefferson, one of the Watchmen writers, tweeted his support for his showrunner’s choice.

And so it sounds like we must accept we will never know the full truth about Lube Man.

Damon Lindelof Reportedly Not Interested In More Watchmen