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Watch Daniel Radcliffe Fumble With His Gun Hands in the Guns Akimbo Trailer

Daniel Radcliffe is at it again in some chaotic genre cinema. The Horns and Swiss Army Man star can next be seen in Guns Akimbo, which is the madcap violent second movie from writer and director Jason Lei Howden. (If you know his name, it’s probably because he made the riotous action-horror movie Deathgasm in 2015.) The first trailer for Akimbo features Radcliffe as a corporate drone turned deadly gameshow competitor after a bunch of hoodlums break into his apartment and bolt a pair of guns to his hands. The reason is because the hoodlums work for a game called Skizm, in which people are livestreamed killing each other, and after he trolled their admin account they decided he needed to be taught a lesson, so they’ve sent their most feared killer after him. This is the part where you put up your praise hands, because the elite Skizm hunter is Nix, played by Samara Weaving. You can watch the mayhem unfold when Guns Akimbo opens in theaters on March 5.

Daniel Radcliffe Has Gun Hands in the Guns Akimbo Trailer