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David Lynch Yells at a Monkey in Surprise Short Film on Netflix

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

David Lynch has done a lot of baffling things in his long and varied career, but the short film he just released on Netflix entitled What Did Jack Do? will go down as one of his more bizarre cinematic choices. Lynch dropped the 17-minute film earlier today, which happens to be his 74th birthday. What Did Jack Do? centers on an interrogation between Lynch and a talking monkey, voiced by “Jack Cruz” according to the credits. The film employs a black-and-white filter as well as Lynch’s signature surrealism. This is Lynch’s first major work since the Twin Peaks revival back in 2017. Could this short film be a hint at projects to come, or is it perhaps just Lynch’s birthday gift to himself? Stream What Did Jack Do? on Netflix and decide for yourself.

David Lynch Yells at Monkey in Surprise Netflix Short Film