Good Luck Getting Your Mom to Sign Your Permission Slip: Disney+ Is Taking Everybody to Space Camp

Photo: ABC Motion Pictures

To the children of the ’80s, the only thing cooler than the idea of space camp is the idea behind 1986’s Space Camp, in which Lea Thompson, Joaquin Phoenix, and their fellow teens must figure out how to land an actual space shuttle after a freak accident at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center launches them into outer space. Of course, as an adult, the idea of your child being trapped miles above the earth in a metal coffin with limited oxygen hurtling through the infinite abyss is way less fun, but hopefully you’ll be able to keep those thoughts to yourself while you’re watching the new TV version of Space Camp on Disney+ with your children.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming service is developing a pilot based on the ABC Motion Pictures film, the sixth and final movie the studio made before shutting down in 1985. Saturday Night Live writers Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell are set to pen the script, which seems like it would have plenty of room for the teens’ parents, unacknowledged in the movie. Plus, it’ll be easy to write their dialogue, since it’ll just be a series of eardrum-splitting screams the entire time.

Strap in: Disney+ Is Taking Everybody Back to Space Camp