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Fox Announces Another Mystery Singing Show, Which Is Apparently Now a Genre

Ken Jeong. Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage

Fox just added The Masked Dancer, a spinoff of The Masked Singer, to its reality-show roster, but it seems the mystery music fun does not stop there. A new mystery singing show, I Can See Your Voice, is in development at Fox, with Ken Jeong producing. Like The Masked Singer, the show is based on a long-running Korean reality show and it too has an inscrutable premise. According to Deadline, the original show involves a pop star trying to guess trained singers from tone-deaf singers without actually hearing any of them sing. The contestants, without singing, are gradually eliminated in multiple rounds before finally singing in the last round, with the pop star. If the final singer is a trained vocalist, they receive a prize, but if the final singer is tone-deaf, they receive… a prize. It’s unclear if anyone loses in this game, except perhaps the audience. Fox has not said if the new show will borrow its structure or rules from the original Korean version, so we will just have to wait and hope there are no eggs involved. As the show is still in very early development, a release date has not been confirmed yet.

Fox Announces New Mystery Singing Show, Which Is Now a Genre