grammys 2020

Tyler, the Creator Joined by a Dozen Tylers, the Creator for Grammys Performance

What’s the plural of Tyler, the Creator? We’re going with Tylers, the Creator, after watching the dozen or so Tyler clones — also in stylish pink suits and blond wigs — show up during the Grammy-nominated IGOR rapper’s performance. The seeming reference to Eminem’s 2000 VMAs performance, in which he stared down 100 Slim Shady clones, came after a trash-fire singing circle that also featured Charlie Wilson and Boyz II Men. As if that all wasn’t enough, Tyler’s “Earfquake” and “New Magic Wand” performance also featured some of his signature Igor dancing and ended with him falling back into a blaze of glory. Dare we say it was … hot? (Just me? Okay.) So call off the rest of the ceremony and give the man his Grammy, he’s already stolen the show!

Update, 9:15 p.m.: You could say we willed it into existence — Tyler just claimed his long-overdue first Grammy, winning best rap album for IGOR. After expressing pure shock and joy at the news, he brought his mother on stage to share the moment, telling her, “You did a great job raising this guy.” Tyler added, “I never fully felt accepted in rap and stuff, so for y’all to always stand by me and get me here, I really appreciate that,” before getting played off as he thanked Pharrell, who worked with him on IGOR.

Update, 10:30 a.m.: Tyler had a little something to say for his number one naysayer, Mark, who told him he would never take home a Grammy for best rap album. Mark acknowledged the win, but not without a bit of attitude.

Tyler, the Creator Joined by Tylers, the Creator at Grammys