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Gretel & Hansel Gets the Dark, Gritty Reboot Treatment in New Trailer

Truth be told, Hansel and Gretel has always been one of the creepier fairy tales to come out of the Brothers Grimm, what with all the child abuse, cannibalism, and witchcraft. Osgood Perkins, director of the upcoming Gretel & Hansel, sees your spooky children’s classic and raises you a straight-up horror film. The movie, which stars It’s Sophia Lillis and The OA’s Alice Krige, is a dark, unsettling reimagining of the Grimms’ original story, as evidenced by the new trailer for the movie. Lillis plays Gretel, an intrepid child with a penchant for running into evil, which is obviously a character she knows how to play. Krige, as the witch, is terrifying even in the small glimpses the trailer provides. There’s a sequence where she pulls a full strand of hair out of her mouth, in case you aren’t convinced. This is hardly the first Hansel and Gretel adaptation (remember Witch Hunters?), but it’s certainly the scariest. Gretel & Hansel is out on January 31, 2020.

Gretel & Hansel Gets Dark, Gritty Reboot in New Trailer