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Watch the Trailer for Hulu’s New Hillary Clinton Documentary, Hillary

Knee-deep in Trump’s impeachment process, and just days after the latest 2020 Democratic primary debate, Hulu has decided that, yes, now would be a perfectly chill time to release the trailer for its upcoming Hillary Rodham Clinton documentary, Hillary. Directed by Nanette Burstein, the four-part series “is a remarkably intimate portrait of a woman in the public eye, providing unprecedented personal access to the former First Lady and Secretary of State,” according to Hulu. The trailer shows one-on-one interviews with Clinton about her background in law school, her time as First Lady, Bill’s impeachment, and the 2016 election. Barack Obama and Bill Clinton also appear, as do a series of pundits all saying the word “emails” in quick-spliced succession. The documentary will premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival on January 25, and it drops on Hulu March 6. Watch the trailer here, because its YouTube comments section has more Epstein talk than we have the energy to unpack on a Friday afternoon.

Watch the Trailer for Hulu’s New Hillary Clinton Documentary