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Issa Rae and Her Mirror Have Returned in This Insecure Season 4 Teaser

Congratulations to this woman. In between executive producing A Black Lady Sketch Show, launching her own record label, and starring opposite Lakeith Stanfield in the upcoming The Photograph, Issa Rae has somehow found time to produce and star in another season of Insecure. Casual. How does she get it all done? Well, having multiple impeccably dressed versions of yourself all working at once certainly helps. That’s the case in HBO’s new teaser for Insecure season four, which focuses on Issa, herself, and her as a one-woman executive committee, feeling her oats in the mirror in enviable turtlenecks. Without any sign of Molly in the teaser to tease her, Issa has to give herself shit when she bends over and rips her pencil skirt down the back. No one else makes awkward look this aspirational. Season four of Insecure premieres on HBO on April 12.

Issa Rae Really Lets It Rip in the Insecure Season 4 Teaser