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Irresistible Trailer: Here’s Some of That Jon Stewart Political Comedy You Were Looking For

Hold on, lemme put on my good podcasting cap before I talk about Jon Stewart’s latest venture in political comedy, Irresistible. Directed and written by the former Daily Show host, Irresistible stars Steve Carell as a Democratic political consultant determined to make a retired Marine (Chris Cooper) mayor of a small Wisconsin town. Yes, there are a lot of cows in the trailer. Rose Byrne co-stars as Carell’s nemesis, along with supporting cast Topher Grace, Natasha Lyonne, Mackenzie Davis, C.J. Wilson, and Will Sasso. While he doesn’t appear in the clip, Stewart did make a cameo on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to debut the new trailer, and for some of that “patented Jon Stewart topical comedy” about the impeachment trial. “If I may, just very quickly …,” Stewart begins. “No. Well, okay, because today is, for your audience, Thursday, January 23, but it’s actually January 16. The trial hasn’t started yet, Stephen.” A self-aware pretaped segment, oh boy! So, they filmed that on January 16 and it came out on January 23, but Irresistible definitely comes out on May 29. See you and Jon Stewart’s favorite Daily Show correspondent, Steve Carell (sorry, Colbert), then.

Irresistible Trailer: Jon Stewart and Steve Carell Reunite