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The Real Scare of Jennifer Aniston’s Friends Prank Is How Nobody Loves Rachel

Jennifer Aniston, still riding high from one hell of a SAG Awards weekend, did what any freshly trophied actress of her stature would do next: be a guest host for Ellen, complete with an elaborate Friends prank to all the fans visiting the show’s set in Los Angeles. Okay, well, it’s not an elaborate prank per se — she squatted behind the famous couch and jumped out to scare those unsuspecting tourists destined to buy HBO Max — but by the sixth round of people declaring their love for every Friends character besides Rachel Green, we can’t help but feel Aniston herself is the one being pranked here. (Someone even said Ross is their favorite. Ross!) “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it,” Aniston responds, as she mentally force-feeds them trifles.

Zero Friends Fans Jennifer Aniston Pranked Like Rachel