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Jhené Aiko Gives You NSFW Aaliyah With New ‘P*$$Y FAIRY (OTW)’ Music Video

Aaliyah didn’t invent dancing in a midriff top in front of an industrial fan inside a warehouse, but between her “One in a Million” and “Be My Somebody” music videos, it basically feels like she did. In her latest music video, released on Friday evening, Jhené Aiko pays homage to that most iconic of ’90s music-video looks with the extremely mellow, exceedingly horny “P*$$Y Fairy (OTW),” conveniently named so you would know immediately the entire song is not safe for work.

The song is Aiko’s first new single of 2020, and her first release since dropping “None of Your Concern,” her breakup ballad with ex Big Sean, back in November. The song will appear on her upcoming album, CHILOMBO, which reportedly drops in February. According to the singer “’P*$$y Fairy (OTW)’ is in the key of D on the alchemy crystal sound bowl, which is the sacral chakra (sexual organs), hence why the song is about sex!” Perfect for when you absolutely know you’re that somebody.

Jhené Aiko Gives You NSFW Aaliyah in ‘P*$$Y FAIRY’ Video