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Joaquin Phoenix Sure Did Get Bleeped a Lot During His Golden Globes Speech

Joaquin Phoenix typically lets his work do the talking for him, but when you win the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama, it’s the generally accepted course of action that you go onstage and accept it. That doesn’t mean he is about the pageantry, though, opening his speech by telling his fellow nominees in the room — through a censored remark — that, “We all know there’s no fucking competition between us,” said the Joker star. “It’s like this thing that is created to sell advertisers for the TV show!” He then told the other actors in his category that he is inspired by them before calling himself “a fucking student” and praising all the “beautiful, mesmerizing, unique work” they all did in 2019. He also eventually apologized to Todd Phillips for being a “pain in the ass,” and said even though he doesn’t actually like to “rock the boat,” when it comes to the climate “the boat is fucking rocked.” So, it was a colorful speech all around.

Joaquin Sure Did Get Bleeped a Lot During His Globes Speech