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Joaquin Phoenix Follows Golden Globe Win With Climate Protest Arrest

Why so serious? Because the planet is dying. Photo: Paul Morigi/Getty Images

We’ve gotten so used to the Fire Drill Friday updates about Jane Fonda that it’s hard to believe her run protesting has come to an end for now. (She does need to get back to work sometime, and while this is the last formal FDF, the organization has unspecified plans to keep working in the future.) Joining her on the Hill today was Joaquin Phoenix, noted vegan actor who recently asked his fellow Golden Globe attendees to help out the climate by maybe not taking so many private jets all over the damn place. Before eventually getting arrested, Phoenix took to the speaker’s podium and talked about the role factory farming plays in climate change. While Fonda will be heading back to Los Angeles now, let’s see which celebrities are willing to get arrested for her once the actress takes leave. Here’s Phoenix being a climate rager.

Here he is getting arrested:

And President Josiah Bartlet even made the time to join Fonda and company today.

Thanks for the memories, all of you famous folks who got zip tie handcuffed to save the planet.

Joaquin Phoenix Follows Globes With Climate Protest Arrest