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All the Mysterious Forms Joe Alwyn Takes in Taylor Swift’s Documentary

The most we see of Joe Alwyn in Miss Americana. Photo: YouTube

If you were expecting to get a lot of new information about Taylor Swift’s personal life in her new Netflix documentary Miss Americana … you’re going to be disappointed. As has become her M.O. in recent years, Swift is quite tight-lipped about her relationship with actor Joe Alwyn throughout the film. She talks about winning Album of the Year at the Grammys (for a second time!) and feeling very alone in her victory. Fast-forward a few years in time and a metric ton of celebrity drama, Swift mentions she’s in a relationship with someone (Alwyn) and that the two of them have decided to keep things private. She never says his name, but that doesn’t mean the London Boy himself isn’t in Miss Americana, if you’re looking closely. Here’s a list of all the forms, in order of decreasing corporealness, he takes in the film.

A Backside Giving a Hug

Coming offstage after a Reputation tour performance, Swift finds Alwyn waiting for her. He’s wearing a denim jacket and a black baseball cap and we never actually see his face, so honestly this could be a very convincing body double with the same blonde haircut if you really want to go all tinfoil hat about it. The two hug. It’s nice.

A Floating Right Hand

There’s a scene where Swift is driving a car somewhere in what we’ll assume is the U.K. since the passenger’s seat is on the left side of the vehicle. In the clip, Swift kisses the right hand of whoever is in said passenger seat. (We are going to presume it’s Alwyn.)

An Unseen Camera Operator

Taylor is sitting on the floor strumming a guitar and playing “Call It What You Want.” We’re led to believe Alwyn is the one filming her as she plays. (The song is about Alwyn, who is apparently “fit like a daydream” and “fly like a jet stream.”) At one point, she breaks from singing and mouths the words “I love you.” Cute.

A Shadow

There are several scenes of Swift frolicking around a golden field while deer prance around in the background. It’s very bucolic and also I am confused because every deer I have ever known has run away from me immediately upon sight. Anyway, amid the shots of Swift roaming the woods, we see her shadow next to another shadow. Again, we’re to believe this shadowy being is Alwyn.

Excuse me while I go listen to “Dress” on repeat and sob. (If you know, you know.)

All the Forms Joe Alwyn Takes in Taylor Swift’s Documentary