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The Jonas Brothers Take a Break from TikTok to Go Day Drinking With Seth Meyers

Jonas. Super Mario. Sprouse. Kratt. Something about a bunch of brothers just being brothers makes for undeniably compelling entertainment. That’s why, when Seth Meyers invited the Jonas Brothers to the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Brooklyn to go day drinking, he called in some reinforcements. Yes, last night on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Kevin, Joe, and Nick went hermano a hermano in some drinking games with Seth; his younger brother, Josh; and his “brother in case of emergency,” Jack McBrayer. If you thought Seth’s day-drinking chemistry with Rihanna was electric, this six-way fraternal melee was positively burning up. The two teams competed in a Chardee MacDennis assortment of drinking games, including quizzing the Jonases on famous brothers (they couldn’t identify the Marx Brothers on sight and got the Menendez Brothers confused with Mendes, as in Shawn) and matching former hairstyles to cutouts of their heads. Seth put his Phi Gamma Delta chugging skills on display, and Nick and Joe harmonized about 69-ing, but the real heartthrob of the whole affair was McBrayer, who is an adorable drunk and a cutie patootie. (Caution to those who are day drinking while watching this: When McBrayer gave a toast to Cambridge Analytica, I spat my coffee all over my keyboard.)

This clip came out in time to promote the Jonas Brothers’ latest single and also explains the quick cutaway to McBrayer in their viral, self-referential Camp Rock TikTok. Between that and their TikTok Kardashian fight, the JoBros are truly living in the year 3000.

Jo Bros Take Break from TikTok to Day Drink With Seth Meyers